Handheld computers can really change the way kids work in the classroom. When each student has the technology readily available amazing things can happen! My intent for this blog is to collect and post ideas, comments and resources for all. Please join me!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Meeting Elliot Soloway

I became interested in handheld one-to-one technology in 1997 shortly after I came on board as a Technology Integration Specialist for the Worcester Public Schools. I had read much about the use of handheld technology in the classroom. One of my favorite "gurus" has been Elliot Soloway from the University of Michigan.
This past year (2005-06) I was fortunate to have met Elliot and hear him speak at a conference given by the Massachusetts Elementary School Principals Association (MESPA) about the use of handhelds in the classroom.

I was thrilled to have been able to "beam" my video of handhelds being used in one of my schools to Elliot.

Last year I was able to convince the "powers that be" who are in charge of the budgets to take a chance on purchasing handhelds for an entire classroom. They not only agreed to outfit one but two classrooms! Eurekea!!
I was fortunate to work with two very gifted teachers, who I am hoping will join us in this blog to share their valuable information as we discuss the use of handhelds in the classroom. They did some wonderful lessons and projects with their students throughout the year which made use of the diverse power of handheld technology.


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